Do You See Me?

I have no position, no great talent have I.

I walked through your doors, I wanted to try.

The church seemed inviting, so pretty and nice.

Yet do they see me? It’s a throw of the dice.

I feel so alone, unnoticed or seen.


They speak of a man on whom I can lean.

Do I see any difference in them and the world?

If they can’t even see me, like a flag unfurled.

If I comeback will they notice or ignore me again.

I hear them make statements and yes, shout, “Amen!”

I hear of the prophets, unlikely were they.

Called by God to follow His way.

Is this the church that His Word, talked about?

How they served Him, I don’t know there’s a doubt.

I may try again just in case I am wrong.

I yearn for a place I can say I belong.

Lord, if your real, please help me to see.

This is the place that will help me find me.

A child who is lost, bewildered and bound.

I’m told that You love me, in You I’ll be found.

A love that surpasses all of my sins.

And covers my failures, frees me to win.

Life everlasting with You evermore.

When someday I’m called home, to Heaven’s shore.