Choices and Consequences

Choosing to change is how we honor the Lord and what He is calling us to be. Choosing a path of change is declaring war on the past.

When we acknowledge the reality of past abuse we enter into the battle itself. Breaking those bonds on the soul does not happen quickly. The problem is not resolved until it is first faced!

Shame lurks as a powerful enemy to a damaged soul that is already gasping for life. The mere discussion of it can awaken the undealt with shame in others.

sunset-hands-love-woman.jpgOnly our Creator can see the beauty that remains under the load of shame and sin. The fabric of life needs to be unraveled piece by piece as the Master reweaves it to His design.

Someone who has not lived with abuse has no idea the damage that is done to the soul, mind, emotions and secondary effect on the physical body and reactions when responding to situations that trigger a person. Don’t judge, when you have not lived it!

Even within a family that has lived it there are different levels of healing and ways to deal with it. Some are healthy and some are destructive and damaging. A person cannot give to others what they do not have in themselves to give. They are not being selfish, they do not have it within themselves. An empty vessel cannot pour out what is not there.

People who have been abused may ask why God  allowed it to happen. It was NEVER God’s choice for it to happen, but again we each have a free will  and therefore a choice. The perpetrator also had a choice. The Lord does not take that lightly!

People do not stop and think, that in making choices you do not have control over the consequences! Many times those consequences are ones that we never imagined to have to pay! And worse yet, ones we love will have to pay for our choices made unwittingly! It touches every area of our lives. We do not go through life without it.

In choosing to heal my faith in Jesus has taken me through rough waters, raging storms. and fire I would never have imagined. This  has been and is an ongoing process.

I have a solid foundation in Him and no one can take it from me! It is and has been hard and painful at times. One step at a times going forward into the future until someday He calls me home and the healing is total and complete.