I have seen so many people experiencing loss in the last several months. The human spirit is amazing in its ability to face so many adverse situations. Loss of a beloved spouse, child, parent, grandparent, friend. Loss of health, job, security, material things, the list is endless. It truly shows the strength people bring forth when facing hard situations.

We show our true selves in reaching out to those who have had this in their lives. It also can bring to the surface unfinished or undealt with emotions in our own lives that need to be dealt with. This can start one on a journey in itself.

Life is a series of gains and losses. If we have a solid foundation under us as a relationship with our Heavenly Father it gives us something solid to stand on.

I can’t imagine not having Christ in my life. He is what keeps me together when all else is like shifting sand. For any who do not have Christ, he is there for you too. All you have to do is ask Him for it. He wants for none to be lost.

There is a peace with Him that is there in the raging storm, there is no comparison.
If you are in that storm right now reach out to Him. He comes in a still soft voice. God Bless

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