Life today has become so crowded and complicated for so many of us.  Too often it is about things that are not really that important.

We need to stop, rethink and take inventory, get rid of what is excess and not necessary.  Most of it could probably be given to someone who could use it or really needs it.  This is not only true for material things but even more so about people and our time.

Too many out there are lonely and in need of a friend .  Sometimes a simple hello or visit would make a world of difference.  An invitation for a cup of coffee and a chat could so impact a life in the positive.  A visit just to talk or a card saying Hi, I was thinking of you today.  It takes so little of our time but can sometimes be a very real lifeline to someone else!

Even too often in the church this happens and it is not what Jesus desires for us.  We are a community and community interacts with each other.  We need not overlook those not in our circle of friends but instead reach out and include all.

I learned a very important lesson  years ago when trying to plan on attending a women’s conference.  I would not know until the last moment if I would be able to attend.  The lady handling the reservations said ” I won’t be able to put you with who you are usually with.”  I told her to put me with anyone whosunset-hands-love-woman.jpg needed a roomate to share a room with (after a prompting from the Lord).  It turned out to be such a blessing getting to really know someone who otherwise I might never have know more personally!  I would not have traded it for anything and it was a lesson well learned!

This is my year to simplify material  things in my life and yet expand getting to know others on a deeper level.  It is already growing me in so many ways.  As a daughter of the King, He loves each one of us.  In showing that love to others it is so simple to do by just reaching out but with no agenda in mind.  The ways are unending.

Proverbs 16: 8 – Better is a little with righteousness, than great revenues with injustice.

God bless,


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