Take ten people watching the same thing happen and you have ten different descriptions!  Why, because how each of us view things also encompasses the way we have learned and the experiences we have had happen along the way.  Sometimes even the angle we saw it gives us a different view of it.

Yet, because of our differences, structure of news available to us, we quickly judge and have an opinion on it.  Yes, I have been guilty of this also.  None of us are immune to it.  It would help if we would slow down and take the time to learn the real facts in a situation first.  Many that give out information to us in this day and age have a definite agenda and will color it to fit that agenda or even outright lie.  There seems to be little integrity or honor in our journalism anymore.

Integrity, honesty, and honor does not seem to exist in our government either.  It is not only sad, but sickening!  That will not change until men’s heart change. We need to research those running for office and then vote with integrity ourselves and not just listen to what they say on the campaign trail!  They look straight into the camera and lie in the process.

washington-d-c-statue-sculpture-the-peace-monument-62318.jpegOur Founding Fathers set up safeguards for us but we have to be willing to follow them.  I wonder, do most people today even really know and understand what our Constitution and Bill of Rights say?  Tragically even many in our government do not!  I hear them call us a Democracy.  We are a Constitutional Republic!  A nation of laws.  History is not even taught in our schools anymore.  No wonder children can be so easily led.

It takes time and a lot of effort to change any of this.  We have far too many IGNORANT of the truth including politicians!  We need to quit just thinking of ourselves, but also those generations that follow us!

The name calling and putting people in catagories to fit demeaning them and belittling their beliefs need to stop.  We have decended to such meaness and nastiness and it is getting us nowhere except further separated and apart, polarizing us from each other!

It is way past times to take a hard look and begin to work towards healing the divide.  It is a matter of perspective!  Doing what is right for our country.  Each of us can work on turning things around in our own sphere of influence.  It is not hopeless!

Perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding somethimg; a point of view, outlook, angle, frame of mind, reference, or interpretation.  We can each personally work on ours.  I am, how about you?

Romans 8:37 – “No, in all things we are conquerors through Him who loved us.”

God Bless, Karen


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